Frasers Logistics & Industrial Trust ("FLT") is managed by Frasers Logistics & Industrial Asset Management Pte. Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of FLT’s sponsor – Frasers Property Limited.

Strategies overview

Our changing world demands a different approach

"A Different Way" is how we talk about our vision for a more sustainable future. It is our commitment to creating properties where resources are reused, recycled and restored. It is where new ideas are fostered to support people and the planet, and where we take initiatives to create healthier workplaces for our people and customers.

To achieve our goals, we have focused "A Different Way" on three core areas, being (i) Progressive Thinking, (ii) People Focused and (iii) Restoring Resources. Each area is supported by goals and targets that form the basis of the sustainability strategy. The progress of the strategy implementation is monitored during regular sustainability reviews and the targets are reviewed and updated on an annual basis, to ensure that we continue to lead the way.'

Responsible investment 

Making smarter, sounder investment decisions

Sustainability priorities evolve constantly. We need to constantly rethink and reconsider our investments to ensure a continuous focus on the future, and make choices that help us to look after both people and planet. We are working hard to make sustainability a priority throughout our business.

Our targets:

  • • All eligible properties are operationally rated & all Australian properties achieve a min. 4 star average Green Star Performance portfolio rating by 2019

  • • Integrate best practice leasing requirements into FLT’s precedent lease by 2019, including data sharing requirements

  • • Maintain 5 star GRESB status in 2018

Skills & leadership

Encouraging more aware future leaders

We recognise that our success as a business is intrinsically linked to the talent and expertise of our people. This is why we are committed to growing individual skills and leadership qualities across our business.

Our targets:

  • • Develop an engagement plan for internal and external audiences by 2018

Health & wellbeing

Ensuring a healthy, balanced workplace

The ongoing health and wellbeing of our people and customers is important to us. Monitoring and understanding the indoor environment quality of our properties allows us to create healthier workplaces.

Our targets:

  • • 100% of our Australian industrial assets to have annual IEQ measurements based on Green Star Performance indicators by 2018.

Community Connectedness

Enhancing community connectedness

It is our priority to increase the social value of our communities, and provide ways for people to work together and share thoughts and opinions more effectively.

Our targets:

  • • Establish a Community Day by 2019

Energy & carbon

Making clean energy accessible for all


We want to be smarter and more efficient in the way we use the planet’s finite resources, and ultimately, regenerate what we use.

Our targets:

  • • Develop a zero carbon roadmap by 2019

    • Upgrade 90% of lights to high-efficiency lighting by 2020 for our Australian properties

    • Install a minimum 100 kW of solar on 40% of our Australian properties by 2020


Respecting and reconsidering our water use

When it comes to water use, we are committed to understanding our impact in greater detail. We have also set ambitious targets to enable us to rethink our approach to water use and reuse.

Our targets:

  • • Undertake water conservation & reuse feasibility studies on our most water intensive assets and present recommendations to customers by 2019


Showing respect for the natural environment

As a business, we strive to conserve, regenerate and enhance the planet’s ecosystems.

Our targets:

  • • Develop a Biodiversity Management Plan for our portfolio by 2019

Materials & supply chain

Improving our sustainability at every step

We realise that our impact extends beyond our operations to our supply chain. This is why we are on a mission to source only the safest, most renewable and responsible materials, and we’re working with our suppliers to make this a reality.

Our targets:

  • • Develop a Responsible Supply Chain Procedure by 2019

GRESB assessment 2019

GRESB Assessment 2018

Awarded First Placing (industrial)

Portfolio sustainability

We have the highest-rated industrial Green Star performance rated portfolio in Australia

  • Achieved an overall 4 Star Green Star rating as assessed by the GBCA
  • First to achieve 6 Star Green Star ratings for industrial facilities in each of New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland.

FLT Green-rated status by GLA
(As at 30 September 2019)

Green Star ratings are awarded by the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) which has assessed the Properties against nine key performance criteria – energy, water, transport, materials, indoor environment quality, management, land use & ecology, emissions as innovation

Potential sustainability benefits

  • Reducing ongoing cost
  • Gaining new tenants, especially those with sustainability as criteria
  • Assists in retaining tenants at lease expiry
  • Decreases building obsolescence
  • Minimises vacancy downtime

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